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"For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there." James 3:16 NKJV

By: Kathy Crabb Hannah

The sin for most of us isn't the "obvious" moral sins...drinkin' cussin' and cheatin'.....nope it's jealousy. Jealousy of relationships, stuff, success, prestige, position....the list is long and different for most of us. Some of you are jealous of talent. I am painfully aware of this....most of you are jealous of my singing talent (this is total sarcasm for those of you that live under a rock)....and some of you harbor a tiny cyst of bitterness in your soul because you wanted to be a singer. Have you said this? "I mean, come on people. I can sing better than _______, and they are on a bus today." Ouch, I am plowing folks.....some of you are more in love with the dream than the message. Not all of us are going to be stars. Ask me. I will explain it to you. I measure houses, walk property lines, and shuffle papers to make a living....after working for many years in a successful capacity in music. But guess what? I don't possess talent for music....well not much anyway. But I do possess talent for honesty and facing reality. I am loved, important, and will determine my own destiny. I am not a victim. I am important because I have a relationship with God, family, and friends. So let's wise up friends. Let's refuse to participate. If you feel slighted, a feeling that brings on jealousy, examine it...ask yourself why. Most of our life struggles are brought on by lack of communication, which brings on insecurity, which invites the jealousy in. The "victim" mentality will then set up shop in your mind.'s a cycle. DON'T be a part of it. It you are jealous of relationships.....get off your butt and invest in people. You can't have real relationships without time spent. If you are jealous of stuff, work harder. If you are jealous of beauty, get over is fleeting. LOL! If you are jealous of talent, hit your knees....that's a killer. It eats people alive, daily.

When people get serious about integrity, they tell themselves the truth. When they get serious about integrity and Christianity, they tell themselves the truth, others the truth, and apologize.

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